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Community Grant for Saline County Missouri Interstate 70 and Highway 65 Interchange Improvements CGID0723CSZ000B80

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The project consists of construction of a wastewater treatment facility. The type of treatment facility is a SAGR system, to be monitored and controlled through a SCADA system in a two-cell lagoon. The design underway will adequately treat wastewater quantities anticipated with the advent of the projected local commercial development and its patrons. The proposed wastewater treatment construction is scaled to accommodate restaurants and other traveler amenities as those become co-located around the Interstate 70 and US Highway 65 interchange. Total land disturbance would be less than two acres, located in the southeast quadrant of the highway interchange. Effluent from the proposed wastewater treatment facility will become monitored on a regular schedule after construction, as required by MO. Dept. of Natural Resources. The facility will be permitted through MDNR for effluent discharge monitoring according to NPDES standards and procedures. The SAGR facility design is intended to meet stricter effluent standards as ammonia thresholds change in forthcoming regulatory regimes. The SAGR facility is also designed to allow expansion to accommodate greater amounts of influent if nearby commercial development grows to produce more than 50,000 gallons per day. Installation will include 10,750 linear feet of three-inch CL 200 PVC force main and 3,145 linear feet of eight-inch SDR 35 gravity sewer mains.

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Anthony Pham

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NEPA Document(s):

Marshall Jct Sewer Phase1 PER map.pdf (1 pp, 436 K)

EDA FONSI Saline Co Environmental Decision.pdf (13 pp, 3,401 K)

Saline County EPA FONSI 11-17-2023.pdf (2 pp, 180 K)