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Canadian Pacific Acquisition of Kansas City Southern

EIS Number


Document Type


Federal Register Date


EIS Comment Due/ Review Period Date


Amended Notice Date

Amended Notice

Supplemental Information

Issuance of Notice of Intent to Prepare an EIS:

2021-11-12 00:00:00.0

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Lead Agency

Surface Transportation Board

Contact Name

Danielle Gosselin

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Rating (if Draft EIS)

As of October 2018, EPA discontinued the use of ratings for Draft EISs.

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EIS Document(s):

CP-KCS_FEIS_EPA_Vol I_01272023a.pdf (401 pp, 9,683 K)

CP-KCS_FEIS_EPA_Vol XI_01272023.pdf (1763 pp, 114,761 K)

CP-KCS_FEIS_EPA_Vol X_01272023.pdf (409 pp, 118,233 K)

CP-KCS_FEIS_EPA_Vol IV_01272023.pdf (519 pp, 108,226 K)

CP-KCS_FEIS_EPA_Vol VIII_01272023.pdf (294 pp, 79,942 K)

CP-KCS_FEIS_EPA_Vol VII_01272023.pdf (30 pp, 49,477 K)

CP-KCS_FEIS_EPA_Vol VI_01272023.pdf (317 pp, 87,683 K)

CP-KCS_FEIS_EPA_Vol V_01272023.pdf (228 pp, 64,648 K)

CP-KCS_FEIS_EPA_Vol IV_01272023.pdf (519 pp, 108,226 K)

CP-KCS_FEIS_EPA_Vol III_01272023.pdf (819 pp, 65,649 K)

CP-KCS_FEIS_EPA_Vol II_01272023.pdf (720 pp, 89,526 K)

Comment Letter(s):

20230014 Canadian Pacific Railway and Kansas City Southern Railway Merger Final Environmental Impact Statement EPA R6 Comment letter.pdf.pdf (4 pp, 334 K)