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Lake Okeechobee Watershed Restoration Project Third Revised Draft Integrated Project Implementation Report and Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement

EIS Number


Document Type

Revised Draft

Federal Register Date


EIS Comment Due/ Review Period Date


Amended Notice Date

Amended Notice

Supplemental Information

Issuance of Notice of Intent to Prepare an EIS:

2019-07-16 00:00:00.0

EPA Comment Letter Date

State or Territory


Lead Agency

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Contact Name

Melissa Nasuti

Contact Phone


Rating (if Draft EIS)


As of October 2018, EPA discontinued the use of ratings for Draft EISs.

EIS Document(s):

Appendix C.3 Part 2-508.pdf (579 pp, 30,049 K)

Appendix C.3 Part 1-508.pdf (617 pp, 24,467 K)

Annex A ESA Compliance-508.pdf (583 pp, 74,503 K)

LOWRP PIR-EIS June 2022 main body.pdf (436 pp, 19,793 K)

Appendix C Part 4-508.pdf (44 pp, 673 K)

Appendix A Annex C Plates-508.pdf (12 pp, 3,769 K)

Appendix A Annex A-3 Model Doc Report-508.pdf (43 pp, 2,991 K)

Annex B - Analysis Required by WRDA-508.pdf (137 pp, 9,820 K)

Appendix C Part 2-508.pdf (269 pp, 14,472 K)

Appendix C Part 1-508.pdf (147 pp, 11,607 K)

Annex C Draft Project Operating Manual-508.pdf (26 pp, 665 K)

Appendix A Engineering Appendix-508.pdf (93 pp, 5,310 K)

Appendix A Annex A-1-508.pdf (24 pp, 592 K)

Appendix A Annex A-2 Hydrologic Modeling-508.pdf (127 pp, 6,009 K)

Annex D Monitoring Plans-508.pdf (186 pp, 6,695 K)

Annex E RECOVER Evaluation-508.pdf (86 pp, 12,279 K)

Annex G HTRW-508.pdf (170 pp, 29,227 K)

Annex F INSMP-508.pdf (41 pp, 4,991 K)

Annex H Climate Change Assessment -508.pdf (81 pp, 5,170 K)

Annex I Phosphorus Loading Model-508.pdf (26 pp, 8,381 K)

Appendix C Part 5-508.pdf (250 pp, 65,282 K)

Appendix B Draft Cost Appendix-508.pdf (38 pp, 5,424 K)

Appendix D Real Estate-508.pdf (34 pp, 8,434 K)

Appendix E Plan Formulation-508.pdf (86 pp, 12,458 K)

Appendix F Recreation-508.pdf (20 pp, 2,446 K)

Appendix G Benefit Model-508.pdf (138 pp, 24,978 K)

Comment Letter(s):

LOWRP SEIS Comments 2022.pdf (3 pp, 283 K)