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Coachella Valley-San Gorgonio Pass Rail Corridor Service Program Combined Final Tier 1 Program EIS/EIR and Record of Decision

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Under 23 U.S.C. 139(n)(2), FRA has issued a single document that consists of a final environmental impact statement and record of decision. Therefore, the 30-day wait/review period under NEPA does not apply to this action.

Issuance of Notice of Intent to Prepare an EIS:

2016-10-11 00:00:00.0

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Lead Agency

Federal Railroad Administration

Contact Name

Amanda Ciampolillo

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Rating (if Draft EIS)

As of October 2018, EPA discontinued the use of ratings for Draft EISs.

EIS Document(s):

Appendix E - CEQA MMRP.pdf (31 pp, 2,040 K)

Appendix D - Response to Comments.pdf (278 pp, 3,112 K)

Appendix C - DEIS/EIR Comments.pdf (378 pp, 23,581 K)

Appendix B - Public Outreach Summary Report.pdf (594 pp, 51,868 K)

Appendix A - Draft EIS/EIR.pdf (1052 pp, 34,588 K)

Coachella Valley Final EIS/EIR and ROD 6.2.22.pdf (54 pp, 1,981 K)